2MC Sub-advisory Portfolio Curation Service

Recommended portfolio

We maintain a real account that was launched on July 1, 2016, with $100,000 with an intent to have it perpetually positioned for high yield and maximized total returns with a fair degree of diversification. Clients of our sub-advisory program will get constant access to portfolio weights and because it is a real account, our model weights will adjust to market pricing in the same way the advisors’ weights adjust in real time. This creates greater fidelity than a static model portfolio and eliminates the need for costly automatic rebalancing. Instead, rebalancing is done strategically with a focus on market bourne opportunity.

Frequency of updates

Our service will provide the following:

  • Update at the end of each month with the full portfolio positioning
  • Intra month trade recommendations at whatever frequency market opportunity dictates
  • Quarterly portfolio analytics

Why these specific stocks?

Our approach involves careful selection of individual stocks which we believe have increased potential to outperform due to market mispricing or fundamental superiority.  Additionally, we attempt to create value from capital appreciation as the fundamental stories of these stocks play out.

If you are an advisor interested in our sub-advisory services, please contact Dane Bowler for more information.

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