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Market Commentary | May 21, 2024

Patient Money

Strong economic news from March dashed hopes of a June rate cut and in response, the MSCI REIT Index declined more than 7% in April. Moderating CPI and jobs data earlier this month caused REIT prices to rebound significantly in May, but we want to emphasize that our investments are not motivated simply by the vicissitudes of interest rates or other macroeconomic metrics.

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The State of REITs: May 2024 Edition

With a -4.27% average total return in April, REITs have now seen declines in 3 of the first 4 months of 2024. Micro caps (-2.71%) and small caps (-2.87%) averaged low single-digit declines in April while mid caps (-5.36%) and large caps (-5.99%) performed even worse....

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The State of REITs: April 2024 Edition

REITs bounced back from a rough start to the year with a strong +3.26% average total return in March. Mid cap (+5.04%), small cap (+3.90%) and large cap REITs (+2.32%) averaged gains in March while micro caps (-0.32%) saw yet another month in the red. 06% of REIT...

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The State of REITs: March 2024 Edition

REITs fell slightly deeper into the red in 2024 with a -0.81% total return in February. Mid cap (+1.46%) and large cap REITs (+1.04%) averaged gains in February outperforming small caps (-1.33%) and micro caps (-6.98%). Only 50.64% of REIT securities had a positive...

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Market Commentary | February 27, 2024

What was Old is New Again

No one would describe me as a rabid football fan and I’ve never gambled in a casino, but I somehow could not avoid getting swept up in all the hoopla leading up to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas earlier this month.

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The State of REITs: February 2024 Edition

The REIT sector had a rough start to 2024 with a -5.72% total return in January. Large cap REITs (-4.79%) outperformed their smaller peers in January. Micro cap REITs (-8.39%) averaged the steepest declines. Only 9.55% of REIT securities had a positive total return in...

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Market Commentary | January 24, 2024

Present and Ready

Last Thursday and Friday CPI and PPI reports were encouraging in demonstrating that inflation is moderating, but the battle against inflation continues. Inflation is our perpetual enemy because it erodes consumer purchasing power.

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