Portfolio Asset Management

Over the last 25 years, REITs have outperformed the S&P 500 by a material margin.  Fundamental strength and reasonable pricing suggest REITs can continue to beat the S&P going forward.  Active management can further enhance returns.  Since 2003, 2nd Market Capital has been providing REIT-centric Portfolio Asset Management services that attempt to exceed REIT index returns.

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Corsaires REIT Funds

In January 1991 we launched Bande Corsaires, Limited Partnership, our first pooled investment fund. Our objective was to exploit and profit from the extreme mispricing in the fledgling secondary markets for publicly registered, but not exchange-traded limited partnerships. Bande Corsaires was our bad French for Band of Pirates; depending on your perspective, we were either hunting for buried treasure or we were simply going to steal it.

Since then, 2nd Market Capital has originated, capitalized, and successfully managed 22 opportunity-specific, closed end, finite life, pooled investment funds.  Seventeen of the funds have run full-cycle and have profitably liquidated, while five remain actively operational and are investing.

We remain eyes wide open to opportunity and ready to fund it when sighted. If you are an accredited investor and/or qualified purchaser (institutional investor) and would like to be contacted or informed regarding any investment opportunities we may pursue in the future, please visit our Investment Opportunities page.  We welcome the opportunity to get better acquainted.

Our Operating Funds are closed to new investors and we have no funds in capitalization.  This website and the content presented herein is not an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy securities or any other form of investment or product.

Sub-advisory Portfolio Curation for Financial Professionals

As its sub-advisory service, 2nd Market Capital Advisory Corporation applies its investment experience to building and maintaining a curated portfolio which serves as guidance that the advisor can apply to whatever extent is desired. Sub-adviser will send periodic updates in an effort to keep the adviser informed of real-time opportunities and analysis of current events.  Click here to view our sub-advisory contract.

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