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The State of REITs: November 2023 Edition

REITs averaged a -5.31% total return in October and have now fallen to a double-digit negative total return year to date (-10.46 %). Large cap REITs (-2.24%) outperformed their smaller peers in October. Micro caps (-11.32%) extended their streak of severe...

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The State of REITs: October 2023 Edition

REITs averaged a -7.14% total return in September and have fallen into the red year to date. Small cap REITs (-6.51%) outperformed yet again in September. Micro caps (-10.45%) continue to severely underperform their larger REIT peers. Only 9.74% of REIT securities had...

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The State of REITs: September 2023 Edition

The REIT sector gave up some of the gains achieved in June and July with a -4.13% average total return in August. Small cap REITs (-2.49%) outperformed again in August. Micro caps (-13.08%) badly underperformed their larger REIT peers. Only 18.06% of REIT securities...

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Market Commentary | September 15, 2023

Over the last year or so, our exposure to residential real estate investment has been very limited. It’s not that business hasn’t been very good for apartment owners; from the start of 2021 through 2022, rents on lease renewals routinely jumped 15 to 20%.

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Market Commentary | August 29, 2023

Higher interest rates have made commercial real estate prohibitively expensive. Higher interest rates have destabilized the regional banking system through the evaporation of no-cost deposits, which resulted in a raft of stricter banking regulations that further restrict commercial real estate lending.

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The State of REITs: August 2023 Edition

The REIT sector followed a strong June with further gains in July, averaging a solid +4.37% total return in July. Small cap REITs (+5.23%) continued to outperform in July. Large caps (+2.46%) underperformed their smaller REIT peers for the 3rd straight month in July....

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