Flood damage?

Hurricane Harvey continues to unleash tremendous rainfall on Houston and its suburbs.  The flooding, which is likely the main source of potential property damage, seems to be primarily in Sugar Land.  In anticipation of potential flood damage we have mapped out the area we think is most at risk and the REIT properties in it.

Keep in mind that we do not know the extent of the flooding, if any, but only that these properties are in the evacuation zone.  Many REITs have properties in the area which we labeled by ticker.  Of concern to 2CHYP are the Whitestone properties shown in red.  We spoke with WSR investor relations and they said that they do not know of any damage yet, but they have not fully concluded their investigation.  They also mentioned that they have property insurance which should cover lost rent if it should occur.

Thus far, this is the extent of the information that we have. .